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Linux is a powerful operating system that can be freely used and redistributed under the terms of the GNU Public License. All those metal boxes and piles of wire in your closet (where your clothes should be), are what used to be the latest, coolest computers. If you put them together, there's still some fun to be had.

The Linux Toys book series consists of Linux Toys by Christopher Negus and Chuck Wolber (Wiley Publishing, 2003) and Linux Toys II by Christopher Negus, with Thomas Weeks (Wiley, 2005). This site is here to describe the projects you can build with those two books. Linux Toys II is probably your best bet today, since much of the software that comes with the original Linux Toys has become outdated.

If you are interested in Linux, this site provides links to other books by Christopher Negus that might interest you. Although the name has changed from Red Hat Linux Bible to Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Bible, that book is updated every six months or so to track the progress of Fedora and RHEL. A more general purpose Linux book, which includes 16 Linux distributions on CD and DVD, is the Linux Bible (which is updated once each year).

In the end of 2007, Chris coauthored the Linux Toolbox series with Francois Caen for Wiley Publishing. That series currently includes the Ubuntu Linux Toolbox, Fedora Linux Toolbox, and SUSE Linux Toolbox. Recently, Christopher Negus became the series editor for the Negus Live Linux Series for Prentice Hall. For that series, he authored the book Live Linux CDs and coauthored The Official Damn Small Linux Book.

In the long run, plans are to expand this site into a general-purpose site for fun Linux stuff. Stay tuned.

-- Chris Negus, 2011
Linux Toys II Projects:
  Web Photo Gallery
  MythTV PVR
  eMoviX Bootable Movie 
  Damn Small Linux
          on a Pen Drive
  X10 Home Lighting
  BZFlag Gaming Server 

  Devil-Linux Firewall
  Icecast Internet Radio
  Linux Terminal Server

Contributing author Thomas Weeks for

MythTV and Devil-Linux