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About Us

The following is a list of contributors to Linux Toys II, Linux Toys, and this Web site:

Chris Negus

Chris Negus

Chris is the author of the best-selling Red Hat Linux Bible series (all editions). He has been writing about UNIX and now Linux for more than 20 years. Recent books by Chris include Linux Toys IIRed Hat Fedora and Enterprise Linux 4 Bible and  Linux Troubleshooting Bible . Chris wrote all but two chapter of Linux Toys II, which were written by Tom Weeks. As co-author of Linux Toys, Chris did most of the writing and Chuck Wolber put together most of the projects.

Before becoming a full-time author, Chris followed the UNIX source code around by working at UNIX development labs beginning with Bell Laboratories, UNIX System Laboratories, Univel, and then to Novell. Thankfully, Chris was out on his own before the code reached SCO. Chris lives with his wife Sheree and sons Seth and Caleb in a currently unspecified location in the midwest.

 Tom (Tweeks) Weeks


Tom wrote the chapters on MythTV and Devil-Linux for Linux Toys II. He also build some pretty awesome hardware for those projects. Tom holds a BS-EET / Telecom degree from Texas A&M, has worked for several large government IT/Security firms. He has been working with Rackspace Managed Hosting, is a Registered Red Hat Certified Engineer, has taught RHCE seeking SysAdmins and has also been president of the San Antonio technology user group X-otic Computer Systems of San Antonio (XCSSA.ORG) since 1996. "Tweeks" can be reached via his site: or

Rackspace Managed Hosting

Rackspace has generously donated a server to host the site. Rackspace Managed Hosting provides some great programs for managing your Red Hat Linux Web server or other type of server (once you get beyond the "Toy" phase).