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Advancing with Linux

Linux Troubleshooting Bible coverTom Weeks and I wrote a book called Linux Troubleshooting Bible that was designed to be a follow-up to books such as the Linux Bible and Red Hat Fedora and Enterprise Linux 4 Bible . The idea for the book came up shortly after Red Hat discontinued the Red Hat Linux line. With the new Fedora Core Linux distribution lacking the kind of support that Red Hat Linux had, the idea was to help people be able to troubleshoot problems with Fedora themselves.

The concept was to go well beyond how to get a dysfunctional modem working (although we cover that too). We wanted to help more advanced systems administrators and integrators to be able to manage deployment, security, and updates of Fedora systems if they wanted to continue to use Fedora as they did Red Hat Linux. Part way through the process of writing the book, we broadened the coverage to include descriptions of Debian and SuSE as well.

I felt very fortunate to be able to put together the team we did to write the Linux Troubleshooting Bible. Tom Weeks, the coauthor and contributor to Linux Toys II, trains administrators who maintain thousands of Red Hat systems at Rackspace Managed Hosting. Jesse Keating, who was heading up the Fedora Legacy program at the time and has since gone to work for Red Hat Inc., wrote chapters on keeping your Linux software secure and up to date. Our technical editor, Francois Caen, is an experienced Linux system administrator who operates his own Linux-based Web hosting service, Since all four of us happened to be in the same room together at LinuxFest Northwest a couple of years ago, we got a picture of us all together (from left to right,
Tom, Jesse,  Francois, and Chris).
Tweeks, Jesse, Francois, and Chris